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Boat Registration

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Minuteman Press is your source for ready to apply custom boat registration lettering. Use our vinyl lettering on your car, truck, boat, PWC, or other vehicle or watercraft.

Our durable, waterproof cast vinyl custom boat registration numbers will last for many years on your watercraft or vehicle. Our custom boat registration letters come pre-spaced with transfer tape applied for easy installation.

Though we have hundreds of fonts, colors, and special effects to choose from, you'll want to make sure that your custom boat registration lettering is in line with government guidelines. To ensure that your boat lettering complies with federal standards for boat numbering, be sure that the height of your lettering is at least 3 inches and use all capital, block letters. It's also important to use colors that will contrast with the color of your boat's hull, and order two sets of lettering so that you can apply your custom boat registration lettering to both the port and starboard sides of the bow.

If you're not sure about local registration lettering restrictions, we can help!

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